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Why It's A Fabulous Idea To Host Your eCourse On Squarespace

Why Create an Ecourse?

First of all, if you’re not sure what an ecourse is, it’s ANY online learning course that teaches a skill or, shares knowledge.

The worldwide e-learning market is growing steadily and is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025. By hosting an ecourse or online class on Squarespace, you too can be a part of this amazing growth.

More Reasons To Join The Learning Revolution:

People are increasingly wanting to learn a new skill over acquiring possessions.

Online learning appeals to all demographics. It’s significantly cheaper than traditional teaching and so is very cost effective for the student.

Your student only needs a fast internet connection within the comfort and convenience of their home, plus a willingness to learn something new.

Once your ecourse goes ‘live’, you can sell it worldwide - even whilst asleep!!!

If you have a desire to share your innate gifts, ideas, talents or knowledge with the world but either don’t have the time or tech savvy, consider using my Design Service skills and let me help you set up and launch a class of your very own hosted via Squarespace.

You might be wondering what sort of ecourses/online classes might be suitable to launch and the answer is almost anything.

Here are some topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Art - this is the obvious one to start with because this is where my experience lies. I’ve now created eight online classes and more will be added as time allows. This area is massive and can include so many genres including mixed media art, art for children, beginner’s art and then from a business perspective, such as how to market your art, approach galleries and enter exhibitions etc.

  2. Art Therapy

  3. Holistic Therapies - aromatherapy, yoga, mindfulness

  4. Health & Wellbeing - self care, healthy eating

  5. Writing - storytelling, tips for writing a book, creativity writing, business writing tips

  6. Craft - candle making, embroidery, felting, sewing

  7. Personal Development - certification for life coaching, reiki, nlp, hypnosis etc.

  8. Productivity - time management, organisation, goal setting

  9. Finances - budgeting, stocks advice

  10. Career Development - changing careers

As you can see above, the sky’s the limit! Just think about what skills or knowledge that you possess, that could be translated into an online learning experience..

Why Host an eCourse on Squarespace?

There are many platforms that can host your online class but hosting your ecourse via your own website, keeps you in total control of your customers/students, your content and the style and appearance of your classroom. I’ve created eight successful online classes (so far) that I host via this website and couldn’t be happier!

I’ve also used Teachable and back when I was using Wordpress (please, don’t remind me), I used plugins that I could never quite get working properly - that’s why I’m so glad I switched to Squarespace.

The Benefits of Hosting Via Squarespace:

User-friendly experience

Beautiful design and styling options

Control and freedom of having the material on my website

More cost effective

One less platform to think about and contend with

Easy to update and manage once it’s set up

What’s Included - My Ecourse Launch Services

I particularly love working with creatives and below is further information:

Prices Starting at: £600/$600+

Set up your secure custom designed classroom

Your course can be set up as self-paced or, ‘drip fed’ over a period of time that suits you

Payment processor integration

Add (your pre-prepared) content including video, text, photographs, audio, pdf’s, links etc.

Photographic sourcing (limited)


Integration with Memberspace

Branding - ecourse graphic

Promo video

Set up integration with Mailchimp

Set up integration with Zapier

If this is something that you need, please feel free to click the button below so that we can chat (with no obligation) over your brilliant ideas…

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New Horizons and The Backstory

mac and tulips.jpg

Change is afoot my friends! For the past few months, I’ve been pondering life, the universe and my business…

You may have noticed some changes around here… My website is now reflecting some new offerings for Design Services and I’m feeling both energised and excited about new possibilities.

Let me answer some of your anticipated questions, as well as giving you some insight into these changes.

‘What’s the backstory?’

When I look back over my life, I realise that I’ve been at my happiest when I’ve helped, collaborated and shared my gifts and talents with others.

Over the years, I’ve worked in various places. My first job was as a Saturday girl at a trendy cafe in Leeds at the tender age of 16. I was shy and awkward but this job soon had me chatting away with customers, operating the till, working with staff and really prompting me to face my shyness and just forge ahead anyway.

In my early 20’s, I travelled abroad to the USA. There I stayed with a family and their two children for nearly a year as an au pair. Again, I pushed myself to adapt to not only a new country and culture but also a new way of life.

I’ve also worked extensively within a corporate setting both here, in the UK and the USA. Over the years this has included working at a stockbrokers, a solicitors office, pharmaceutical company, a law firm in the USA and then to totally change things up, I trained to be a beauty therapist. I wanted to learn more, so I went further and became qualified as a reflexologist and aromatherapy practitioner. All of this training and study culminated in the purchasing of an existing business and becoming a salon owner and employer.

In my salon days, the early 2000’s, I recall clearly relishing in designing a basic website as well as designing and producing all of my promotional and branding materials like my brochure, business cards, logo as well as events and special offers etc. I loved this part of being a business owner and poured many creative hours into this.

After getting married and with our boys having begun school, I began exploring and expressing my creativity through painting and the rest is history, as they say. I’ve since exhibited my art, obtained some licensing deals, sold my art worldwide, taught workshops and created eight online art classes.

Through it all, I’ve designed and created my own websites. I’ve used Blogger, Typepad, Weebly and Wordpress (don’t remind me about those plugins!!!) and so many other systems you wouldn’t believe. Finally, two years ago I’d had enough and I made the decision to switch to Squarespace and I’m happy to report that I haven’t looked back. I love the clean designs, the flexibility of the platform and the professional touches that are apparent throughout.

Over the summer, an idea began to form that I could help other women using my vast and varied experience with what I’ve learnt personally and my years as a female solopreneur.

So, to wrap things up, I certainly don’t see a departure from being an artist and online art teacher but I am tremendously excited about exploring other avenues alongside.

‘So Jane, what’s your heart behind your new offerings?’

Using my Design Services, I’m passionate about helping women in business to thoughtfully convey an idea or project that clearly and beautifully communicates your talents and gifts.

Collaborating with women and helping to shepherd the seed of an idea or passion to reality, fills me with joy and excitement.

‘No more art?’

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ll still be painting but I will also embrace ‘creating’ in other ways such as custom illustration for a client, website design, ecourse creation and launch or, book design.

‘I’ve purchased classes from you, will they still be available?’

YES! My online art classes will all still be available for purchase and will continue to be hosted via my website. Other classes will be added as time allows.

I’m still enjoying and creating for my year-long class, The Art of Contentment with monthly special guests and that will continue for the duration of this year. The Art of Contentment will then be available in January via my site shop.

Lastly, I look forward to working with lots of lovely clients whilst creating affordable but stunning websites, looking at your branding needs, launching your fabulous ecourses and birthing your inspiring books via my book design services.

Want to work together?

If you’d like to book a FREE, no obligation call with me, just click the button below.

I can’t wait to hear about your special project…

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