Capturing 'moments' in a journal


Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than

all the banquets in the world ...

― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly


Now that the weather is milder, I'm spending more time outdoors and with the windows/doors open at home whilst I'm working.  It's such a treat after being cooped up over winter.

I was going through one of my journals and I was reminded about a day one year ago approx. when we went on a family walk together one Sunday afternoon.   It was pouring with rain and we were drenched right through but it was one of the best walks ever.  It was that warmish kind of rain that once you get used to it, is kind of pleasant if you know what I mean.  We giggled a lot that day and had some adventures going over a footbridge - it nearly collapsed!

masham leaves4

When I got home (and dried off), I printed out several photos from the day and stuck one in with my journal entry.  That's the great thing about journalling - the picture/photos/writing bring that happy day back to me in a heartbeat.

masham leaves7

Why don't you try this?  You just need a journal and a few paints.  Get some colour on your paper/pad any way you wish - ie. with a brush, fingers, roller etc.  Then, write/draw your entry and then add a photo to remember the essence of your day by.  I love to use washi tape!

Jane x



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