Free Video - How To Create An All In One Bullet Journal AND Sketchbook

How I've Combined A Bullet Journal, Diary AND Sketchbook!

Do you find yourself being so busy day to day but not being very productive?  Yes, I know that feeling all too well and I'm determined to change this around the best I can!  Enter: The Bullet Journal!

It's a simple system designed to help you 'track the past, organise the present and plan for the future'.  It was devised by Ryder Carroll and I think it's revolutionary and more so since I'm now combining my bullet journal, a journal/diary AND a sketchbook.  I love it because everything is in one place and my mind doesn't feel like it's in 2,000 places at once - yeah, you have that feeling too? 

Incidentally, Ryder had been diagnosed in his childhood with Attention Deficit Disorder and this TED Talk video shares a little of his journey; I found it really fascinating and worthwhile.

Meanwhile, in the video below, I show you my new bullet journal that I started in the New Year and then go through the supplies and give you a few tips along the way.  It's a work in progress and I'm just feeling my way still but I know it's making a difference to my life and I see it becoming more useful as time goes on...

In case you didn't see the blog post, I also created a video showing how I created the pretty painted cover for my bullet journal - so get yourself a cup of tea and watch that too. :)

bullet journal.jpg

I'd also recommend the book that you see in the picture above - How To Bullet Plan by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.  Whilst I haven't followed it to the letter by any means, it's been a good starting place for me.  

In case you're searching for a planner/sketchbook, I've been really pleased with mine - Daler Rowney Hardback Sketchbook, A5 150gsm. 

sketchbook and bullet journal.jpg

So, there you have it - are you using a bullet journal or do you use another system that works for you?  Or, does the idea of any 'system' bring you out in hives - I'd love to hear... :)

Jane xo


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