How do you 'become whole'?

Become whole - I created this colourful mixed media piece in my journal the other day.  Starting off just involved putting paint on paper.  No plan, no agenda - I just applied the paint spreading it with my fingers - I SO love doing this!  Later the words just popped up during the process and just felt right - so I went with it. become whole art journal

become whole

'Become whole' - it sounds so trendy, appealing and easy to achieve doesn't it?

'Becoming whole' can mean lots of things to lots of people but for me it's about accepting who I am (yes, it's a life long process) and remembering that everything I need to be 'me' is already present, right inside of me.

It's also about knowing that I don't have to stay the same, that God wants infinitely more for me.  I've struggled over the years (as we all do) with various insecurities but through faith and prayer feel that a lot of those have disappeared (or at least lessened) for good.

For me, 'becoming whole' means that I...

* try to remember and believe, that I am good enough in the present moment

* know in my heart that I am loved by God (no matter what)

* can accept my flaws and forgive myself when I mess up (which happens a lot)

* can love others without needing to stifle or control those I love

* try to remember to witness the beauty of another human being

* can choose how I react to a particular situation

* am far from perfect... I will always be a 'work in progress'

* can't control the actions of others but can myself

* know that some days are better than others - (the better days are because I've remembered the above)

* need very little.  Most of the things 'I want', I actually don't need.

If you're anything like me, you may struggle with this same topic yourself?  I think we all do if we're honest.  We know that the negative voice in our head won't disappear but if we can just learn to acknowledge and then hopefully move beyond these damaging inner thoughts, it really is possible to 'become whole'.  After all, it's all God ever wants for us...

Now something to reflect upon in your journal, with paint, through prayer or over a big cup of tea?  Is there anything that is stopping you from 'becoming whole'?  What is it and how might you go about changing the situation.  Then hand the issue over (big or small) and then expect changes (in a good way).

Take care.

Jane x

PS.  I've just finished this post but just had to send you the link to a poem from the wonderful and much missed, Maya Angelou - Phenomenal Woman.  See what I'm talking about!? x

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