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I have some really, really talented (and lovely) friends - one of whom is called Linsay.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ― Albert Camus

Since we are well into the Autumn season, Linsay organised an Autumn crafts and art afternoon for local families with an underlying Christian message.  Lots of families came and it was just a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  Also, I bumped into a few people I hadn't seen for a while so what could be better - crafting, chatting, tea and a couple sweet treats!

autumn crafts

But back to the crafts - everyone was so taken with the activities that Linsay had organised that I thought you might enjoy a peek too!

Above is a really super cute hedgehog that our son Benjamin made with leaves that had been collected and pressed ahead of time.  Paper hedgehog templates had been pre-drawn so that leaves just had to be glued on and then facial features drawn in.  Benjamin really enjoyed this activity.

Below are some other examples with pressed leaves that Linsay had put together ahead of time...  Such a cool idea and so effective!

Autumn crafts

autumn crafts

I was thinking that they would make gorgeous note cards for someone special.

Next, do you notice that little smile on Benjamin's face - he's busy spreading icing onto a little cupcake with chocolate buttons etc to add as features for an owl.  All I know is that it took great restraint not to dip my finger into the icing!

Autumn crafts

By the way, I would have shown you a picture of the finished owl cupcake but unfortunately it got dropped a few times before I could snap a photo!

Just below is a pic of Benjamin weaving.  I think we all enjoyed this activity most.  You end up with a gorgeous end result to hang up at home.  Linsay called them 'spiderwebs'.

Autumn crafts

In fact Benjamin was so taken with them that once he mastered the technique fully, he went on to show several other children how to achieve their own spiderweb!   I think he thought everyone should try that particular craft and he was the boy to demonstrate it!  Funny.  Yes he was really taken with them and now has his example proudly hanging in his bedroom for all to see.

Autumn crafts

Above, Joseph is enjoying the 'spiderweb' process too.

Linsay provided some fantastic wool for us to use for the spiderwebs which made it such a tactile experience.

Autumn crafts

Linsay had sticks cut to length and within a short period of time we achieved the above.

Autumn crafts

Don't they look effective and ideal to display!

Linsay had also cut out leaf shapes along with having a plentiful supply of lentils to stick down onto the paper.  They looked really effective.  Would be nice to adapt this idea for Christmas decorations maybe?

Autumn crafts

Yes, pressed leaf bunting using a vintage book - what a great project.

Autumn crafts

There were other activities too such as a nature mobile and gardening activity but unfortunately, we ran out of time.

Not part of Autumn crafts as such but still I thought I would share a photo of my usual Autumn treat - baked plums in orange juice, mixed spice and cinnamon served with porridge - absolutely gorgeous!  Yum!


Oh and lastly, I have some pinned some other fantastic ideas and inspiration for you on my Autumn/Fall Inspiration board over at Pinterest.  Below gives you an idea of what caught my eye, so please head on over if you'd like to see everything in more detail and perhaps follow me.

autumn crafts pinterest

So, I hope some of these ideas have spurred you on to create some autumn crafts with your family and thanks Linsay for all your hard work.

Jane xo

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