August Monthly Dreams + Goals


Well, hello there August! It’s that time once again to reflect upon the month ahead (although a little late) and then to jot down or draw/collage/photograph/paint our monthly dreams and goals! I’ve just completed mine and they are below. August dreams goals

I love borders.  August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know.

- Tove Jansson

In connection with this month, over in my growing little creative community on Facebook, this month’s colour focus is BLUE and so I’ve also weaved that in with my July theme below.  By the way, if you’d like to join my Facebook group, you’d be more than welcome and don’t forget to share your pages with us!

This month feels like a pivotal month in many ways both literally with Summer on it's way out and with life in general and so the image above very much resonated with me ie. the barometer showing 'change'.  There are some very hard things happening within our family at the moment but at the same time, there is much to be grateful for and this is primarily what I want to hold onto for this month.

August dreams goals

As it's the school summer holiday's still and due to my husband's leg surgery and other family circumstances, we are staying close to home a lot at the moment and really it feels good and alongside that, I've noticed that I'm really wanting to spend some creative time tending to our home - you know, little touches here and there etc.

I'm also paying attention to simple pleasures that remind me that life does go on and the rhythm of life continues and really that's kind of comforting at the moment.

August dreams goals

So I ask you, what is stirring currently within your heart?  What's whispering in your ear when you least expect it?  Take some time and pen your dreams/goals and just pay attention, be curious and stay open to possibilities along the way.

Jane xo



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