August 2016 - Monthly Dreams + Goals


And. Just. like. that. - it's August 2016!

Gosh, how time flies!  So, happy August 2016 everyone.  As our boys are now off school and we're enjoying the holidays thus far, I'm here to share my monthly dreams and goals for August.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun.

-Kent Nerburn

August 2016 - monthly dreams and goals

As I was going through a magazine, yellow and green really caught my eye (as you can see), so that became my theme colour for this month.

In case you're wondering, the little bird card to the left is one of my blank greeting cards entitled 'Respite'.

August 2016 - dreams and goals

Really, this month is the same as any month whereby I'm always seeking time away from it all in order to balance out the perpetual busyness.  How I go about that looks different depending upon what's happening in my life, the season and what I'm drawn to.

August is the month when my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary - it'll be 14 years this year - Yay!  We'll aim to spend the day doing something nice together and most likely with our boys.

August 2016 - dreams and goals

This month, my father in law is very much on our mind as the one year anniversary of his passing is coming up mid month.  It's a poignant time and I can't help but remember how things were unfolding for us as a family a year ago.

August 2016 - dreams and goals

We've had a lot of rain recently (it's raining now) and with a clear day last week, I sat out in my new deck chair and just loved it.  I'd forgotten how nice it can feel just to sit outside and read a book - simple joys are always the best.

By the time August rolls around, there always seems an undercurrent of urgency on my part to not let the month go by without savouring all it has to offer as I know the Summer will all too soon move onto Autumn in the blink of an eye.

August 2016 - dreams and goals

So, over to you - what's on your heart for this month?  What's whispering to you?  It might be to rest more, start a project you've been putting off or perhaps finishing one (guilty!).  Maybe you're called to visit a dear friend, relative or place.  Are you wanting to make a certain meal for your family or friends?  Do you want to try a new walk, place or activity?  Whatever is whispering to you, please listen to and try and make time for that...

Much love...



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