At Home - Domestic Life in Art (Part 1)


You may already know that I love (understatement) books and you'll especially know if you've come across my Goodread's list (it's massive, really!!!). I'm also fascinated to see, learn and understand womens' lives from other time periods.  How they spent their time, mothering, the interiors, clothing etc.  In addition, being an artist (wife and mother), I am so impressed and inspired (sometimes saddened too) when I read and see what women were creating with such little resources, training, adversity and lack of social acceptance in centuries past - so, I'll certainly be sharing some of that work too.

Anyway, for today, the photo below happens to be one of my all time favourite 'coffee table' type books - 'At Home - The Domestic Interior in Art' by Frances Borzello.  Over on Instagram I've been sharing a favourite 'at home' painting from the book on most days and it's such a delight.  I didn't want you to miss out, so thought I'd do a 'show and tell' here also.

at home

The first painting is by a Scandinavian artist called Gustafson Cederstrom, 1897.  It's title is 'An interior with a woman reading'.  Apparently, the woman in the painting is his 20 year old daughter, Carola and really it's not surprising to me.  This piece speaks of tenderness, love and beauty - love it.

The second painting is by the Danish artist Carl Holsoe and it's called 'In the Dining Room'.  I admire the geometry of the composition together with the candlelight and in particular, the way it light's up the woman's shoulder.  The combination of domesticity and daily life really touch me.  This painting dates from the late 1800's, early 1900's and I could gaze at it all day.

Lastly, the third painting is by Stanhope Forbes - 'The Harbour Window', 1910.  In this piece, I love being drawn into this beautiful and interesting interior whilst at the same time, enjoying a glimpse of outside and the stunning complimentary colours of blue and yellow used so beautifully.

at home

Have a wonderful weekend and if you would like to follow my Instagram feed to see more 'at home' paintings that I adore (and others), just pop over here.

Jane xo


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