Making Art Whilst Traveling + Supplies

I hope you're enjoying what's left of the summer/autumn...  

Here in the UK we have a few weeks left before our boys return to high school in September - so a bit of time yet...  I know for my friends in the USA, children have already returned to school but whatever your current situation, I hope you're well.

My family and I have had a couple weeks with my eldest son Brandon (see below), who has visited from the States.  

I’ll be the first to say that it’s not always easy creating when you’re away from home but I would encourage you to persevere because it’s wonderful to capture those special memories using paint. 
— Jane
IMG_6255 (1).jpg

Above - my boys!!!  Awwwwwww.  Love it when they're together and me with them...

by the sea

Above, I used my handmade Khadi & Papers sketchbook.  It has a somewhat rough surface and so gives quite an interesting texture that I enjoy for a change from a smoother surface. 

window view

In the piece above, I decided to sketch out the windowsill where we were staying - I found the various items displayed really interesting (see the little car and snail, dish, cone and the foliage in the background from the garden?) and wanted to capture them.  I used my trusty Moleskine journal, a 0.1mm Graphik Line Marker, together with some coloured watercolour pencils.  

st abbs

The piece above is a watercolour sketch of Coldingham Bay, near where we were staying.  What a beautiful beach it was and I just had to capture it.  Do you see the beach huts?  Apparently, some of these are 100 years old.  

By the way, I used Dr Ph Martin's Bleed Proof White for the waves and surf of the sea. 

It's not always easy creating when you're away from home but I would encourage you to persevere because it's wonderful to capture those special memories and of course those everyday events like a walk around your neighbourhood or home town etc. 

Please let me know your favourite supplies to bring with you whilst you're out 'n' about... 


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