Artist in Residence - Toft Gate Barn Cafe


Artist in Residence for the day...

This is my first artist in residence for the day and I couldn't be more thrilled to be visiting the wonderful (and local) Toft Gate Barn Cafe located just 5 minutes drive away from me in Bewerley, Greenhow, North Yorkshire on Friday, 11th December between the hours of 10.30am-2.30pm. UPDATE: please note that the date has now changed to Saturday, 12th December - 10am-2.30pm.

As a family, we visited Toft Gate Barn Cafe for the first time this summer to help celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch with some homemade cake to finish off.  I loved the views and the inspiring feel to Toft Gate and know my friends feel the same way.

We particularly liked the cosy and welcoming feel to the cafe - how lucky are we to have such a gem on our doorstep!

Artist in Residence - Toft Gate Barn Cafe Whilst at Toft Gate, I will be painting live (of course) whilst also selling my original artwork; in particular my watercolours, signed fine art prints, greeting cards, gift cards/vouchers etc.

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence


In fact, in preparation for the 11th, I'm currently putting aside several A4 fine art prints, cards and artwork for the day.

Of course, if you want to discuss commissioning some art, my ecourses or anything else pertaining to work, then I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So, I do look forward to meeting you if you feel you can attend and if you'd like to give someone you love the gift of art, then come see me on 11th Dec! :)


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