9 Thoughts - Artist Branding + Identity


As a Creative, do you find branding complicated?  Unsure where to start?  Read on...


Happy New Year!

As a self-employed artist, I find I 'wear many hats' - meaning, I go from painting, to writing a blog post, to sharing on social media, to recording a video, to promoting my work, creating an event, marketing, to any number of other tasks - you may well be the same and truth be told it can be quite overwhelming and confusing which is why I thought I would chat about it here.

In this post from the Creative Business From Home Series, I'd like to look at branding.  Branding is your identity as a business - it needs to reflect your personality and it reinforces what your target audience thinks you are.  Marketing on the other hand, focuses on different ways you can reach your people ie. using social media, promotions, advertising, guest blog posts etc.


On lightspacetime.com, there is an article all about this topic of branding for the artist and so I'm including that here as a resource for you should you be interested to take this topic further.


As you can see from my website banner above, I've created a new logo and from there, a secondary logo.  I've then put all the elements together and created Gift Certificates (see above), address labels, packaging labels etc.

Below, you can see, I've also prepared an 'About Jane' piece for a recent event that took place at Toft Gate Barn Cafe - I think it works so much better for the logo and font continuity.


I'll share more as things progress but for now I just wanted to chat with you about developing your own branding and some thoughts/advice on the matter.  Take a look below:

  1. Be authentic when trying to decide on a logo.  Include some of your personality, quirks, passions into the logo if at all possible.

  2. Use a colour(s) that truly resonate with you.

  3. Often creative ideas come when we take time to just day dream ie. in the shower is always a great time to think 'outside the box' for me.

  4. Don't be too quick to finalise your brand materials.  Keep going until it feels right.

  5. Saying that, don't get fixated about it being perfect - there's always the next printing run to correct things.

  6. Show other people and get their opinion - especially, if they know you well - how authentic is your logo etc to them?

  7. Choose lettering that reflects your unique voice.

  8. Just try something...  You'll never change anything if you don't play around and just experiment.

  9. Remember, it isn't forever.  We're constantly evolving and changing - so does your logo and branding identity.

Take care and should you ever need a little more help or clarification, please consider purchasing a creative mentoring 1:1 session with me.


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