All it took was just one comment...


Dreams are so fragile aren't they?


Especially when you're a young child and all it took was just one innocent comment from an adult and my dream was obliterated until I turned 40!


I must have been about nine or ten at the time and I had mentioned that '...when I was grown up, my dream was to be an artist or interior designer'.  One of the adults said that '.... there would be far too much competition and I would be much better off re-thinking things and working in an office'.   (I followed her advice).

Now, that woman (although well-intentioned) probably had no idea (even now) of the power of her words over me from that day.  But make no mistake my dream crashed and burned (until I turned 40).

I don't think we're always encouraged to be creative as we progress through school and this is such a shame.  Creativity isn't always taken seriously and instead tender dreams can be hacked to death by someone who has maybe stunted their own creativity.  Or, we're told not to paint a rabbit purple or a woman's hair multi-coloured (like my painting above) when we are supposedly past the 'crayon or scribbling' stage.


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso


For me, my love affair with art and creating nearly never happened until after recovering from long-term depression I fell into it because my heart knew all along it would help heal me.  I'm so glad I listened...

Does this resonate with you and your childhood experience at all?  I'd love to hear your story.  Either leave me a comment or visit me on my Facebook page.

Jane x




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