Advent Family Activity


Following on from yesterday's post, I just wanted to share with you all a little video of our Advent family activity as it's progressed so far.  I'll show progress shots from time to time but I really just wanted to post this to hopefully inspire you to make this Advent special for your family in whatever feels right and fitting for you and your cirumstances. In case you're interested, we had a roll of white craft  paper and have cut off a long sheet of it and hung it on a wall.  We're then colouring in (as a family activity) the daily advent images from Ann Voskamp's site and will add them to the display as the days roll by.

Advent Family Activity Our boys really enjoyed this Advent family activity and so did we.  Joseph ended with a little prayer that he said out loud and it just felt really special. The boys want to take turns hanging the ornaments and saying the prayer of thanks.  Once we receive Ann's book, we shall incorporate the daily reading also.Advent Family Activity

Advent Family Activity

Advent family activity from Jane Hinchliffe on Vimeo.

I think Christmas and the real message of it can be sometimes quite hard to convey to children so combining it with a craft activity and what's more, something that we are doing together that's tangible ie colouring in ornaments, really helps it all come together.  Let me know what you think too...

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