Abundance + Letting go


After having penned my September dreams, I got to thinking about Autumn/Fall approaching and came across this thought provoking quote about abundance and at the same time letting go in Sarah Ban Breathnach's beautiful book Romancing the Ordinary - A year of simple splendour.

Autumn... asks that we prepare for the future -

that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping.

But it also asks that we learn to let go - to acknowledge the beauty of sparseness.

- B W Overstreet Abundance + Letting goIn fact, it was several things that got me thinking.  Our boys returning to school after a fun-filled summer, our 11 year-old starting high school (new beginnings and endings, oh boy!) and I suppose the observation of nature beginning to 'close down' and my feelings of sadness in response to that.

The above quote and Sarah's gentle words about the juxtaposition of loss and abundance, really shifted things for me in a powerful way and together it all morphed into my inspiration for this art journal piece.

Abundance journal page

The female figure appeared quite spontaneously - she appears at peace, joyful even.  I've added seed-heads, pressed flowers and words.  Oh and lots of jewel-like colours!

abundance journal page

So, I'm thinking it really doesn't have to be a time of loss - leaves falling, flowers dying, nights closing in - no, we have abundance too!  It's harvest time and traditionally a time of abundance.  So I'm thinking it can be for us too!

By the way, I don't want to leave you southern hemisphere friends out - maybe think about renewal, new life and whatever might be 'emerging' in your life.

Abundance journal page close up

So, let's acknowledge, savor and give thanks for the 'happy times' - the Summer, whilst holding on to and recalling those cherished memories in the 'Winter' months too.  It's so, so easy to forget the birdsong and only remember the harsh frosts.  Yes, it's tempting to wallow in the dark and dreary mornings and forget the warmth of the sun caressing your skin.

So, I'm stepping in to Autumn with a different mindset.  I'm going to really try to NOT get swept up in the misery of Winter weather, the busyness of Christmas and the angst of children being unwell with winter bugs (as I type this, J. is off with a nasty cold and I'm in denial about having caught it from him!).

After all, it's just the natural order of things.  It's the cycle of life - we open our hearts after loss (Autumn) to make way for new life (Spring) and eventual abundance once again.

How about you Dear One?  If you're struggling with this switch too, why not have a go at writing out your thoughts or splashing some colour on paper or canvas - see what you come up with and if nothing else, get your fingers laden with paint and splashes in your hair!  Go on, you know you want to.... [giggle]

Take care You.

Jane xo



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