Information On Artwork Commissions

I undertake art commissions for weddings, anniversaries, homes, pets

and other landmark occasions or life events


If you would like to contact me about commissioning a piece of artwork either for yourself, a loved one or a business, please get in touch here and just give me an idea of what you might be interested in.  From there, I will contact you and along with asking more questions about what you have in mind, I will also provide you with an approximate price/time etc.  I then take a deposit of 25%.

If you live nearby, I am happy to come and visit you where we can chat about your requirements in more detail, take photos, notes, sketches etc.  Should you live further away or even in a different country, I am available to share preliminary sketches, ideas, colour themes and progress photos via email or Skype (if required) at key points.

I would require an initial deposit of 25% (this can be paid via PayPal, etsy etc.) in order for supplies to be purchased (ie. for canvas, paint, initial sketches/ideas/discussions etc) and then either the entire balance due upon delivery of the artwork, or installments can be made if that is requested - please just ask...  :)

I am fairly flexible in the style and size of artwork that I can create for you - I love to work in mixed media, acrylic, watercolours, oils or pastel (dry and soft).

Artwork Commissions are really a way of hiring an artist (me) to create a one-off piece of artwork ‘to order’.
— Jane

Below is a video I filmed where I talk a little on the process of my most recent commissioned artwork undertaken for Lisa and Alex from Grassfield Hall - a Luxury Bed + Breakfast, located in Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Below is the final piece that I was asked to complete for Grassfield Hall, along with a close up.

artwork commissions grassfield hall above bed

artwork commissions grassfield hall above bed

artwork commissions

artwork commissions

Below is what Lisa had to say about her commissioned piece:

I had an idea that I wanted a piece of artwork for the house that we were restoring but I knew it had to be unique to the house, incorporate its fascinating history and perhaps even tell a story.

I don’t consider myself to be a creative person, so even though I had this idea, putting together a plan could have been difficult but then I came across Jane Hinchliffe’s work and instantly loved it.  The artwork that I had seen had pieces of text hidden within in, was dreamy and slightly abstract which appealed to me as it would suit the room in which it would be placed.

I explained my vision to Jane and she set about putting some ideas together. She had the idea of including some photographs taken by Amy Collins who lived in the house in the early 1900’s and using the scripture that I liked so much within the picture to explain about Amy’s life and her family. I instantly loved the rough drawings that she had done but was also quite amazed by her interpretation of what I had said that I wanted - it was as if she had read my mind and completely understood what I wanted!

The process was very different to what I had expected.  I thought Jane would work on her own without wanting my interruption or feedback and then there would be a big reveal at the end. However this was not the case. Jane was very open to change within the artwork at all stages and welcomed suggestions along the way. Indeed we did alter things and change our ideas as the painting developed. Because of this, it was a very enjoyable process and has made me feel like I have a deep connection with the painting as I was so heavily involved with it from the start. In addition, I am now the proud owner of a piece of artwork which is unique to Grassfield Hall and completely belongs to the house.


Child's Personalised Painting

What a lovely addition to your child's bedroom - a personalised piece of art. Truly, a wonderful gift from a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt or friend etc.

I love working on Artwork Commissions because I get to work closely with the client and bring to life their vision - it's a magical process and such a privilege.


Pet Portrait - A Commissioned Painting

Why not commission your very own family pet portrait with a personalised watercolour painting? Possibilities could include your beloved dog, cat, horse or even donkey (awww, love them).

Further Info.

I also welcome any inspiration ideas that you may have such as photos, pinterest board examples, links or magazine images etc.

To give you some idea though of my work thus far, please visit my licensed artwork page and/or shop.

Remember, I want you to be 100% happy with your bespoke piece of artwork, so please give me your genuine feedback.  If your 'vision' gets clearer as we go along - stay connected with me and don't be shy in sharing.

Lastly, please remember that 'nearly' all commissions can be changed (within reason).

I'm look forward to working with you... :)