My faith is my greatest blessing and I'm just so grateful for His unending love, mercy and grace...

I grew up attending a Catholic church and schools throughout my childhood but it wasn't until I was nearly 40 years-old and desperate, that I truly found Him.


I'm telling you this story, my faith story, in order to share my heart with you from one ordinary woman (friend, mother, daughter, sister etc) to another...

It's not an 'easy' story to share but often it's these very experiences that can be so helpful to others.  I don't have all the answers on this journey of faith and life and of course I'm still on this journey, just like you.

Writing this story opens up all sorts of vulnerability, potential judgement and criticism from others but share I must because if it encourages just one other person, then it’s worth it.
— Jane
my unfolding faith
my unfolding faith

To go back to the beginning - my parents were (and are) very loving and together with my Granny, Aunt and Uncle, my childhood felt secure and content for the most part.  However, when I became a teenager and hormones filled my body, I started to change imperceptibly (at first) and after I had given birth to my first son in my late 20's, I spiralled rapidly into post-natal depression and re-visited this state on and off until I turned nearly 40.

I think all of us have a defining moment(s) of heartache, struggle or insight in our lives, whether it be relating to a deep hurt, profound grief, abuse, illness, depression, divorce, addiction etc. 

For me, as mentioned above, it was the crushing depression, a particular phobia, the break-up of my first marriage, together with hard and painful emotions that had plagued me for several years and inevitably caught up with me - everything was leading to this moment...

I found myself on the kitchen floor crying with our two little ones playing in the corner oblivious of my pain (I hoped) as I tried to pull myself together, once again...

Apart from a few people and of course my husband, most people would have thought my life was near perfect.

I was able to dress myself each morning, care for our children, walk around in a detached fog, cook meals - 'act the part', all with a fake smile upon my face but inside my heart was shrinking - I was living a facade.  Maybe you know what I mean? 

That moment on the floor, in the kitchen, brought everything to a head and I prayed to God for His help!  I'd had it, I was broken, wounded and wrung out.  My children and husband deserved better.

I can't say that thunder clapped above my head or I audibly heard God speak to me but I do know that I felt changed somehow...

Like, there. was. hope.  

Like I was being held.  

Like I was heard.  

Like .... maybe, just maybe, I was loved.

That, maybe I could break out of the hell hole I was in and feel His tender, loving arms wrapped around me like the patchwork quilt of my Granny's that enveloped me with love as a child.

It wasn't an immediate healing of depression but for the first time, it was clear to me that I needed to seek help and bit by bit I began to see the Light in places I could never have dreamt of.  This is why I HAVE to share because the change was (and is) so profound, that I must shout it to the roof tops.

It sounds weird, but as I became 're-acquainted' with myself, the 'real' Jane that was always there but just buried beneath the surface began to blossom and my faith grew stronger and my healing went deeper and deeper.  I began to see the world in technicolour instead of grey tainting everything.  This is when art also began to play a part in my healing.

You may have read in previous posts regarding my first-born son who was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just two.  Throughout this time and after, I felt numb and tremendously fragile.  The depression in a way was enabling me to function on some level and block out the pain of my son being in the USA and me here.

I can't give you intellectual back up, or fancy words but I can tell you my unfolding faith story in a way that is real and true so that if you feel lost, weary and alone - that you may call out to Him too.